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Reel News 17/18

Issue: 02, Oct/Nov 2017
      In this issue:

 Club Open Day

 Southern Region Pool Champs

 National Pool Champs

 Pre-season race results

 Training programme

 TSB Grant awarded

 New Lifeguard shirts

 IRB helmet Policy

Club Open Day - October 29

10.00am - 12.30pm

Taylors Mistake SLSC invites the community, new and existing members to the Club Open Day on Sunday October 29. Come along to see what's happening at the club this season, register and enjoy a casual BBQ on the beach. We look forward to celebrating the start of the new season with you all! Could all members with allocated gear from last season bring the gear down to the beach on Open Day at 11am for srutineering etc.

Southern Region Pool Champs

On September 16th, a small group of us travelled down to the Caroline Bay Trust Aoraki Centre in Timaru to compete in the Southern Region Pool Champs event. The air temperature inside the complex was a balmy 28ºC, which was a change from the cool Spring weather we had been having. Once again we had some awesome performances and many top 3 placings, considering our small team. Louis Clark did particularly well, winning four individual titles in the U19 age group. Caleb Rahurahu also had some great races, placing second behind Louis in the 200m obstacles and narrowly missing out on some more top 3 placings. Special mention to Mackie Ellis (U16) and Luke Smith who both gave really gutsy efforts in the U19 relays, helping the team win two titles. 

Top 3 placings:

U19 50m swim with fins - Louis Clark 1st.
U19 200m swim with obstacles - Louis Clark 1st, Caleb Rahurahu 2nd.
U19 100m rescue medley manikin - Louis Clark 1st
U19 50m manikin carry - Louis Clark 1st
U19 4x50m obstacle relay - 1st (Louis, Caleb, Mackenzie Ellis, Luke Smith) 
U19 4x50m medley relay - 1st (Louis, Caleb, Mackenzie Ellis, Luke Smith) 

Full results online here

Left: Louis Clark & Caleb Rahurahu
Right: Winning relay team: Luke Smith; Mackenzie Ellis; Louis Clark; Caleb Rahurahu.


National Pool Championships

This was the biggest New Zealand Pool Championships held to date. Taylors Mistake was represented by Louis Clark, Max Clark, Caleb Rahurahu and Jamie Clark (Manager) in Auckland on 13-15 October. This years competition was of a very high caliber. In particular, the U19 boys age group has seen a huge influx of pool swimmers, many with international Pool Champs experience and swim times to match those on the World stage. Many Australian competitors were also present, further increasing the standard. To highlight just how much the standard of this competition has  grown, the New Zealand records were broken 55 times over the weekend!! Considering this very competitive environment our team performed really well and should be very proud of their efforts. They all learnt a huge amount which will be put to use in future Pool Champs events. Thank you to Jamie for accompanying the team up to Auckland and taking on the role of manager. Thanks also to Mary Devine for organising flights and accommodation.

Top results:
U19 Rescue Medley - Louis Clark 8th NZer, Max Clark 10th NZer
U19 200m swim with obstacles - Louis 4th NZer, Max 6th NZer, Caleb Rahurahu 17th
U19 50m swim with fins - final slsnz results unavailable Top 15 - Louis/Max, top 20 - Caleb

Full results online here

Caleb and Max poolside at the end of the Competition.

Pre-season racing

Well done to those members who made the effort to compete in the first pre-season event on October 14. Some very promising results were acheived. 

Race #1:
Open Men 5km ski:
Fred Teaar 3rd
U19 Men 3km board: Luke Smith 2nd
U16 Men 3km board: Mackenzie Ellis 1st (1st across all age groups).
Open Men 5km ski: Fred Teaar 1st
Open Men 3km board: Tom Mouldey 2nd
Race #3:
Open Men 5km ski: Fred Teaar 1st

Full results here.
See information on the right-hand side of this newsletter for other events coming up soon and the full senior and junior sports calandars.


Training Programme

See the October/November training programmes for seniors and juniors here.

This programme started on Monday October 23rd with the running/general fitness session moving to Taylors (was at Scarborough clock tower) and a run/board session coached by James Feathery. Please note that the first programme is for lifeguards of an intermediate-advanced level, from 14 years upwards. The second programme is for juniors or beginners under 14 years.

We currently have two board sessions that are combined with Sumner just for the longer distance/endurance training. For these sessions please meet at the Sumner clubhouse and we will likely move down to Moncks Bay. Craig Jamieson will be attending these sessions as the Taylors coach/parent helper.

Thank you to all the coaches who have come forward to voluntarily provide quality coaching for our members.

Board paddlers are expected to attend all board sessions and also the two ironman sessions. Ski paddlers should attend the two set ski sessions and the two ironman sessions. The running/general fitness sessions are open to everyone and the Wednesday night sessions will be mixed up weekly to cover various beach events/yoga/running etc.

Swimming/wading sessions will start once the weather and the water warms up.

IRB training sessions will also be coming soon.

As always - please wear your fluoro vests during training for safety purposes & bring your running shoes.

Happy training!!


TSB Grant awarded

To celebrate the first year of their major partnership with SLSNZ, TSB Bank NZ invited all Surf Life Saving Clubs to apply for one of 11 financial grants totalling over $100,000. There was an overwhelming response with over 50 of our 74 clubs applying for a grant.

Taylors Mistake was one of the eleven clubs to receive grants, which will go towards lifeguarding equipment. The recipients of the $5,000 grants are Trust Waikato Whiritoa Lifeguard Service, Bethells Beach, Taylors Mistake SLSCOcean Beach Kiwi SLSCNew Brighton Surf Life Saving Club and Opotiki Surf Lifesaving Club. Receiving the $10,000 grants are Kotuku Surf Life Saving ClubNgāti Porou Surf Life SavingTrust Waikato Hot Water Beach Lifeguard Service Inc and receiving the $20,000 grants are United North Piha Lifeguard Service and Titahi Bay SLSC.

Thank you very much to TSB Bank NZ for supporting our lifeguarding services at Taylors Mistake beach.


Lifeguard shirt swaps

Major SLSNZ sponsor TSB unveiled a new brand and corporate logo. This will have an impact on our lifeguard gear and TSB has kindly offered to fund new flag stand covers, new beach conditions sign panels and 4,000 new Surf Lifeguard long sleeved shirts for refreshing lifeguards. These items will be provided at no cost to clubs.
We need to return all old, differently branded lifeguard shirts to SLSNZ, and every refreshed lifeguard (from last season) that brings their old shirts to their first patrol (or Open Day) will receive a new one. If you haven't done so, please record the size that you require on the spreadsheet. 


IRB Helmet Policy

Some of you may have heard about a new helmet policy that is being brought in by SLSNZ. After going back and forth with clubs on the necessity of the policy and when it would come into effect, the Board has decided to formally approve the policy so that the mandatory use of helmets for club motorised water craft operations will start on Labour Weekend 2018. In the meantime, decisions on whether helmets should be used in club motorised water craft operations will continue to be each club’s own legal responsibility. 

As SLSNZ holds the legal responsibilities and accountability for health and safety for its own employees and at its own events, the Board’s decision for a mandatory requirement for helmets to be worn by SLSNZ employees and during SLSNZ run events including IRB racing events still stands. This comes into effect on November 1, 2017. 

With the safety of our members in mind, Taylors Mistake has decided to implement the policy as soon as possible. We are in the process of purchasing new helmets and will be ensuring that these are worn in the IRB at all times. Please see the policy statement from SLSNZ with details on when helmets should be worn.





The final PATROL ROSTER dates can be found here. For a full list of the team names please see the FB patrol swaps page. Patrols start on show weekend: Friday Nov 17 (Show day) - Sun Nov 19.
Remember that if you cannot attend your scheduled patrol, that you must find a similarly qualified replacement. You can do this by posting on the Taylors Mistake Patrol Swaps facebook page. This is a closed group, so if you would like to be added please contact  us.
Other helpful information and reminders about patrols can be found in our document 'Welcome to Patrol'.


Working Bee
Saturday Oct 28

To get the Club ready for Open Day and the season ahead a working bee will be held on Saturday October 28. Please come along and help out. As they say….many hands make light work.


Events coming up:

Check out the 2017/2018 sports event calendars below, print them out and put them on your fridge!

- Senior event calendar
- Junior event calendar

Pre-season #2 event - October 28
Naval Point, Lyttelton.
Registration 8.15-8.45am, 9.00am start. Open to boards, skis, & other craft.

Quail Island Classic - November 4
Naval Point, Lyttelton.
Registration 8.00-8.30am, 9.00am start. Open to boards, skis, & other craft.


Upcoming Courses
See the complete course calendar for 2017/2018.
To register for any of the courses below please contact secretary@taylorsmistake.com.


Patrol Captains Award: 
This is a senior Lifeguard Award recommended for those who would like to take on more responsibility within their clubs through leading a patrol team. 
Details of this course
Date: November 11
Venue: Sumner SLSC
Address: 301 Main Rd, Sumner
Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Cost: Free (if you register and don’t turn up, you will be charged $79.00)
-16 years of age and 2 years patrolling experience
-Marine VHF Radio Operators Certificate
-Current First Aid Level 1
-Surf Lifeguard Award (refreshed)
-Current member of a SLS club


Instructors course:
The Instructors Award certifies that the holder has the basic skills and knowledge to be an instructor within their club.
The qualification enables members to obtain relevant theory and practical skills about instruction and teaching to be utilised when training members. This course is a main component for you to fully achieve your instructor’s award.
If you successfully complete this course all you are required to do is place four (4) new lifeguards through their Surf Lifeguard Award, or Senior Lifeguard Award - IRB Drivers certificate and then you will be awarded your SLA or IRB Instructors Award.
Details of this course
Date: November 26
Venue: SLSNZ Offices
Address: SLSNZ Offices, 1063 Ferry Road, Ferrymead
Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm
Cost: Free (if you register and don’t turn up, you will be charged $109.00)

- 16 years of age (SLA) or 18 years of age (IRB)
- Current First Aid Level 1
- Surf Lifeguard Award (refreshed) or Senior Lifeguard Award - IRB Driver (refreshed)
- Current member of a SLS club

VHF Radio course:
The Marine VHF Radio Operators Award is essential for members looking to gain Senior Lifeguard Awards, such as their Patrol Captains Certificate or IRB Drivers.
It is the next step after achieving your Surf Lifeguard Award. This course gives you a better understanding of how to use the radios and covers the correct terminology when using them during patrol.
Details of this course
Date: November 8
Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Venue: SLSNZ Offices, 1063 Ferry Road, Ferrymead

Date: November 15
Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Venue: SLSNZ Offices, 1063 Ferry Road, Ferrymead

For more information, please visit Christchurch Marine VHF Radio Course. 

-14 years of age
-Surf Lifeguard Award (refreshed)
-Current member of a SLS club

IRB engine maintenance course:
Dave Hickey is currently working his way around the country delivering the IRB Engine Maintenance Courses to all clubs. He will make his way to Christchurch in mid-November to deliver a workshop.

The course details
Date: November 14
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Owles Terrace Storage Shed, New Brighton

Lifeguard Award training

Kate will be instructing our prospective lifeguards during the season. The first group started on September 20. Sessions run every Wednesday.

If you are 14 and are keen to become a lifeguard please get in touch with us.

IRB Driver and Crewman Training

Anthony Nunnick coaches sessions for those wishing to train towards their driver and crewman awards on Sundays at 9am


Newsletter title

If any of you have a great idea for the name of this newsletter, please email it to secretary@taylorsmistake.com. 'Reel news' originates from the historic newsletter of the club, back when  reels were commonly used to rescue people and also used in four-man and six-man competition events. It would be great to update this with an awesome new title.


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